According to the research of Crypto Fund Research, the number of created cryptocurrency hedge Fund 2018 became the absolute leader.

According to CoinDesk, citing a recent study, the company of the cryptocurrency funds are generated even in the conditions of domination of the bearish sentiment in the market. During the first three quarters of 2018 was launched 90 hedge Fund focused on digital assets. At year-end the number of these funds can grow to 120.

In the previous forecast, analysts Crypto Fund Research, said that in 2018, investors can run 165 CryptoRandom. If you look at the dynamics of the last few years, you can see that in 2015 the number of funds focused on the digital currency, has increased.

Share cryptocurrency hedge funds currently stands at 20% of the total number of such organizations that are running this year. A growing number of investment structures aimed at the cryptocurrency proves the fact that banks and companies, including large private investors are starting to realize the potential of digital money and blockchain technologies.

In Crypto Fund Research noted that at the moment of 622 funds in the cryptocurrency world 303 represent hedge funds with capital of up to $4 billion.

The founder of Crypto Fund Research Joshua Gaisa said:

Although we do not believe that the pace starts cryptomundo will continue in the long term, now recorded a positive trend.

The number of such organizations remains the United States of America. Next on the list followed by China, UK and Singapore.