According to a senior official, the South Korean government will decide whether to allow the holding of ICO again in November.

The head of the office for government policy coordination Hong Ki We (Hong Nam-ki) told legislators during the annual audit by the National Assembly of government actions that regulators are considering this topic over the past months.

He added that the financial services Commission (FSC) conducts surveys at ICO in September.

“We are going to form the government’s position in November, according to the study, which will end in October,” the official said.

Own position Hong Ki to Us is that you want to allow the ICO to contribute to the development of the industry of the blockchain in the country.

The holding of ICO in Korea was banned in September last year, after a similar ban imposed by China. In may of this year, a group of Korean parliamentarians have taken the first step in the legalization of ICO in the country, by submitting a bill. Later to allow the ICO, the government urged
The special Committee on the fourth industrial revolution and
Committee on national policy of the National Assembly.