Yesterday, the Russian cryptocurrency exchange YoBit announced a series of “pumping” of ten randomly selected assets. The start of the procurement is scheduled for 16:00 Moscow time, today, October 11.

Now on the official website of the exchange is the countdown to the start of the procurement. In the e-mail and fixed Twitter YoBit the conditions specified Pampa:

“We will buy one asset in the amount of 1 BTC every 1-2 minutes, and so 10 times (the total amount [of expenses] for the purchase of 10 BTC)”.

Most of the subscribers of the exchange on Twitter reacted negatively; some expressed the hope that the exchange account has been hacked. Some users openly accused the exchange in violation of business ethics and violation of the laws:

“…It seems YoBit not kidding, unbelievable… I was not expecting this from the exchange”.

“@CoinMarketCap please consider to immediately remove Yobit of ratings. This is a blatant act.”

Head of marketing DigiByte Rudy Bowman (Rudy Bouwman) also condemned the behavior YoBit by requesting the form for the withdrawal of the asset from the auction:

“”Timer pump”… You should be ashamed. We are opposed to any schemes of pumping and dumping. You have [official] application forms for delisting?”

A user under the nickname @PsychedelicBart noted in the review Twitter account to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Later in the thread, several people have supported his initiative, by endorsing the notification of the relevant authorities of financial supervision.

YoBit repeatedly appeared in journalistic investigations of fraud and other suspicious activity on the cryptocurrency exchanges. Last year, the correspondent of Business Insider found out that the group of traders worked the pump and dump on YoBit; then the representatives of the site did not answer the request. In February 2016, investors who traded on YoBit, faced with the problem of withdrawals of purses.