The investment banking giant Goldman Sachs to start the trade scriptactive. Operating officer of the Bank, David Solomon (David Solomon) said in an interview with Bloomberg that the leadership discussed the possible expansion of the range of services on trade cryptocurrency in response to the demand from customers.

“We are clearing some futures on bitcoin, we discuss the possibility of expanding activities in this direction, but with great caution. We listen to our customers and try to help them if they are considering these things,” said Solomon during an interview with the news Agency in China.

In particular, he believes that the company needs “to develop their business and adapt to existing conditions”, which may require proposal of a larger number of crypto products.

It should be noted, that Goldman Sachs was one of the first financial institutions which started operations for the clearing of futures on bitcoin for its customers following the launch of these products two Chicago exchanges in December.

However, the investment Bank known for its low-key stance on digital currencies, though sometimes it flickers on investors ‘ lists CryptoStream such as Circle.

On the other hand, always referring to the interests of customers, the Bank is growing closer to the “new money”. So, last month, representatives of Goldman Sachs confirmed that the company will launch its platform for trading bitcoin, opening the appropriate Department, and this is after months of denials and denials from the Bank’s CEO Lloyd Blankfein (Lloyd Blankfein), in words which often sounds skeptical.

In addition, in may it became known that the Bank will be engaged in private trade futures contracts on bitcoin – namely non-deliverable forward contracts (NDF). Moreover, according to some, Goldman seeks to get permission from regulators to trade contracts involving payments in bitcoins, “futures for physical bitcoins”.

Some experts suggest that Goldman Sachs is considering launching service to custodial storage crypto — recently, the field has developed a number of competing banks. David Solomon, which, by the way, is considered the first candidate for the post of CEO in case of his leaving Blankfein, was restrained in his comments, without naming specific products and services, the production of which is discussed by the management. However, his words still partially shed light on the vector of development chosen by the Bank, which cannot be said about Blankfein, which usually prefers to deny everything, including the rumors that the new CEO of our company in December.

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