The developer of NFC and IoT systems Thinfilm and firm maintenance of law smart contracts Clause announced the joint development and implementation of NFC solutions to inventory-commercial documentation.

In particular, we are talking about mobile services using contactless labels to create “connections” between the product and the corresponding smart contracts enforceable. As stated in the press release, the functionality of the platform includes the establishment and further operation with smart-contracts management at each stage of the supply and automation of payments and issuing invoices.

“In the Clause we are trying to “revive” smart contracts through establishing relationships with external data sources and commercial software systems”, — said CEO of the Clause Houman Shadab (Shadab Houman). “We believe that NFC technology, Thinfilm is an innovative and highly effective communications channel smart contracts with the real world, which also gives customers the ability to capture, automate, and monitor shipments and deliveries of goods in real time.”

In the framework of this cooperation Thinfilm will also provide customers of both companies access to their blockchain services through the cloud platform CNECT. As written by GlobeNewswire, Thinfilm uses a distributed registry to functions advanced security related authorization and verification: confirmation of the source, the authenticity of the product and delivery, a phased review of the delivery chain, etc.

In addition, customers will be able to optimize some of the processes, using data transaction history on the blockchain: for example, if the system detects a certain pattern in the registry, it will be possible to set conditions for the automatic closing of a contract or payment.

Through a strategic partnership with Clause Thinfilm hopes to expand its cloud platform CNECT, and to strengthen the business in the field of supply systems. The CEO of the company, Sutia Davor (Davor Sutija) also commented on the news about the collaboration:

“And Clause Thinfilm and prioritize value creation by building bridges between the physical and digital worlds. We believe that our customers will benefit from the introduction of smart contracts, and we look forward to working with the team Clause”.

Recall that the last major project that brings together the blockchain and NFC technology and received publicity in the media, was a bitcoin wallet Presto on the basis of the Lightning Network.