Doctor of computer science Ayo Akinyele published on Github codebase for the implementation of the anonymous payment ofcan-BOLT solutions in network zcash for.

“Technology Network Lightning decided the issue of scaling, we can now work on privacy. This advantage architecture BOLT”, — said Akinyele in an interview with CoinDesk.

The BOLT decision based on blind signatures and evidence with zero disclosure, which will allow users to hide sender/recipient, balances and transactions. At the same time, Akinyele implemented technology scyldinga, which will anonymize the connection zcash for.

The developers intend to test the solution in a test network zcash for, and then to invite the community to spend softpark for the introduction of the BOLT into the main Protocol.

Moreover, Akinyele said that the current version is compatible only with zcash for, but in the future he intends to adapt the solution as an extension to the Lightning Network.

It is noteworthy that initially the BOLT concept was outlined by the founders of the zcash for Matthew green and Jan Mayer in 2016.

We will remind, earlier in a network zcash for held hardwork Overwinter.