The number of users a decentralized platform Stellar for the first time reached one million. According to the service StellarExpert, the one-millionth user was registered last Monday, August 27.

The platform is Stellar, working on his own eponymous Protocol, offers a transfer of value (value), like Ethereum and, as a consequence, easy exchange of cryptocurrency and Fiat. For this reason, Stellar often serves as a platform for primary placing coins (ICO).

According to the developers, the main advantages of Stellar before Ethereum are low transaction commissions (about 0,00001 XML or $0,0000021 at the exchange rate at the time of publication) and high speed transactions.

Unlike its “big brother”, Ripple, often criticized for a centralized production model, the platform is completely decentralized Stellar. Management development and support ecosystems project is implemented by a specially created non-commercial and non-equity Fund the Stellar Development Foundation. Thus, the founders and the members of the Fund may not benefit from his activities or from the sale of shares.

Since the inception in 2014, the platform has demonstrated a steady development. So, in January of this year, the number of accounts registered in the system stood at only 200,000, but on August 27 in the Stellar network has registered millions of users.

This past summer was for Stellar turbulent and eventful. In July, the platform received certification from the company of Islamic Shariyah Review Bureau and, in fact, became the world’s first critobulus Protocol, having the opportunity to collaborate with Islamic financial institutions. This is an important achievement for the whole cryptocurrency industry because Sharia law is ambiguous relates to digital currencies.

Also at the end of August was the launch of the beta version of the payment system World Wire that Stellar has developed together with IBM. A little earlier IBM supported release stablein USD Stronghold built on the Stellar Protocol.