Today cryptocurrency payments processor CoinGate became a full member of the Lightning Network. Ofchain structure for fast processing of transactions in bitcoin will use all 4,000 commercial enterprises using the services of CoinGate. According to Forbes, the deal could lead to a sharp increase in the penetration of bitcoin, to expand and strengthen the position of the asset as means of payment.

The number of new subscribers Lightning Network consists of manufacturers of Swiss watches Breitling and Louis Chevrolet, a game store the hosting service Bitlaunch, here are some web resources for adults and many others.

For the first time on cooperation CoinGate and LN became known in may this year, when the company-operator payments began testing the technology using a “test” of the online store. Following a successful pilot involving 100 customers CoinGate in July, the operator began preparing for the full integration of the LN with their service.

In the original press release, published in June, said that CoinGate decided to join the Lightning Network for two reasons.

First, according to representatives of the operator, LN, fits into the company’s vision of how bitcoin should work in the future. Second, CoinGate tend responsibly to “network and its healthy state”; in turn, Lightning Network will allow CoinGate to reduce the load on the BTC blockchain. According to a press release, this is a significant percentage of operations: at the time of publication of the announcement, an average of 6-7 transactions in each block Bitcoin was somehow connected with CoinGate.

In addition to CoinGate, the introduction of the Lightning Network in the trading and clearing is also engaged in Presto. The project wallet that is developed by Igor the Cat (Igor Cota), combines processing speed, provided LN with the convenience of contactless NFC payments.