The first 7 “nm iron” miner for mining bitcoins GMO B2 sold out at the stage of pre-orders. However, Japanese Internet giant GMO already presented the successor of this model called G3.

New ASIC built on the same chip with a 7 nm process technology. However, if the equipment were given 24 terhesa the consumption 1 950 Watts of energy, the new miner will be able to issue up to 33 teruhisa per second consuming 3 417 watts of electricity. The cost of new items is the same as GMO B2 — 1 999 dollars, or the equivalent amount in Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. In the item price already included two power supplies, and customers will be available six-month warranty on the equipment. Deliveries should begin in November 2018, but the delivery, buyers will have to pay separately.

Representatives of GMO especially emphasize a new function for ASIC — automatic performance tuning. The equipment itself selects the best operating mode and speed depending on the total can see the network and other parameters. GMO B3 also supports you’re already familiar with B2 functions, including online firmware update, the ability to connect up to 32 miners in a single bus and the ability to monitor equipment in real time.

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