Representatives of the company Spotlite, licensee of Kodak, July 16, admitted in a BBC interview that the project of renting bitcoin miners under the brand Kodak is unlikely to develop as originally planned.

American Spotlite USA — one of the many companies that have the right to place a logo of Kodak, its products. In January she presented the installation KashMiner on the official stand of Kodak in the technological CES show in Las Vegas.

Mining hardware intended for lease with a one-time Commission of approximately $3400. Customers were to receive a share of kamineni funds. Spotlite argued that after two years the users will start earning $375 per month.

Although the head Spotlite khal’ston Mikail announced plans to set the miners at the head office of Kodak in Rochester, the representatives of the brand said the BBC that the scheme was not officially licensed by:

At CES, you saw the miners from the holder of our license company Spotlite, but KashMiner is not a licensed product the Kodak brand. The equipment was never installed in our headquarters.

Many have criticized the rental scheme as a fraud and an attempt to introduce clients to confusion about the promised profits. In addition, according to critics, the creators of the scheme ignored the fact that mining of bitcoin is becoming more and resursozatratno.

Mikail told the BBC that the American Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) prevented Spotlite implement the plan to deliver miners to rent. He added that the company is now privately will deal with mining in Iceland using available equipment.

January 9, Kodak announced plans to launch its cryptocurrency platform KodakOne. This platform should allow photographers to register their work, licensing photos and explore the Internet for the piracy of their work. January 30, just a day before the start of the ICO, Kodak has postponed the launch of cryptocurrency, citing the need to assess the status of potential investors.