This Tuesday IOTA Foundation has published a series of posts describing the plan for further decentralization of the network. The company intends to gradually get rid of a coordinating node which is part of the community perceives as a tool of control.

The coordinator node (CCO) was created to prevent “attacks 51%,” preinstalled consensus mechanism. The site is controlled directly IOTA Foundation and periodically generates a transaction, referred to as “lines”. They are needed for verification of the remaining transactions within the network: any operation, a hash which contains no data relating directly or indirectly to foreign verificarea.

The representatives of the IOTA Foundation believe that the Coo has successfully coped with its task, however, in the long term, the development framework requires the deactivation of the node. This solution will eliminate the risk of intentional rejection of the transaction or centralized ranking according to priority and make the network more secure against capture.

Despite detailed and extensive plan, IOTA has not yet announced a specific date deactivation of the node. Developers only outlined the conditions under which the network will switch to the new structure:

“In short, the coordinating node may be deactivated as soon as our research team will find that we are quite aware of the work Tangle no Coo”.

IOTA Foundation does not intend to limit myself to a tight schedule of works. All changes needed to bring a node failure, will be announced in advance and in the most open form.

Probably the IOTA Foundation has implemented some hierarchical changes including in connection with the project of decentralization Tangle. Last week, the organization announced the establishment of the Council of developers that will implement the Supervisory and control functions.