Statistician and trader Ecosystems LLC Nick B (Nick Core) gave a forecast for the market condition. The analyst believes that the rate of Ethereum will inevitably drops to $120, and Stellar Lumen will pass XRP capitalization.

KOR positive with regard to the current recession; moreover, he considers it “normal and healthy” phenomenon. The trader followed the basic trends of the market, trying to determine the minimum value of ETH. According to the trader, due to the massive emission of tokens on the market, the drop in the price of ETH to $120 dollars was “inevitable.” He explained:

“Last night was a huge release. Ethereum will continue to grow, but not as intense as during the last rally, as fewer ICO place their tokens on this platform. As for quotes, I think we can expect the new potential minimum in the range from 109 to 120 dollars. Maybe I will adjust my forecast, but at the moment he is”.

KOR added that he also expects the offset positions in the ranking of capitalization of cryptocurrencies: statistics confident that XLM outperforms XRP:

“In particular, I’m talking about Stellar. Asset supports higher minimum levels and he has a big turnover”.

Analysis chart of quotations Stellar Crust led to the conclusion that the graph may soon acquire the configuration of the double top, which has a positive impact on the value of XLM. He added that as XRP, XLM showed itself by contrast with the General trend of the market:

“Extremely centralized Ripple, Stellar is extremely centralized. It is better to consider them as a business. Ripple can generate income, regardless of your personal feelings in relation to the asset”.

Nevertheless, he is confident that more Stellar growth potential: as Ripple, the company takes many important steps, but it does so “behind closed doors”. The reason for such secrecy, says KOR, are, without limitation, the terms of current agreements Stellar, but it will help XLM ahead of XRP over the next 12 months.

Despite the competition in the market, startups are somehow still bound in connection with the work of Stellar Creator jed McCaleb (Jed MacCaleb) to Ripple before founding his own company. Recently, Twitter users noticed that the purse of machalaba was transferred a large amount of XRP; some thought it was a sign of impending announcement of a joint project Ripple and Stellar.