Payment system SWIFT has denied the rumors about the integration of RippleNet. About this yesterday in the comments of the Finance Magnates reported the press Secretary of the company.

Rumors of partnership SWIFT and Ripple appeared on the background of news about the optimization of the payment system. Press Secretary SWIFT said that the upgrade replaces legacy payment processing system, but RippleNet in the new structure is not involved:

“I don’t understand, where did these rumors, but the impending release of the new standards […] is in no way connected with RippleNet. Their implementation should ensure the assignment of traceable marker (Unique End-to-end Transaction Reference; skvoznoi unique transaction ID) all payments, which allows banks to monitor the progress of payment processing in real time.”

The second source of Finance Magnates who have access to insider information Ripple and SWIFT, also confirmed that none of the parties is not prepared to integrate platforms.

The update was announced in March of this year and will be activated on November 18. It is a Supplement to the system of Global Payments Innovation (GPI), which SWIFT passed in January of 2017 in order to expedite cross-border payments. In the commentary for one of the June materials the Financial Times the Director of SWIFT banking Harry Newman (Harry Newman) said:

“It’s no secret that a model based on the participation of correspondent banks, has not changed since 1998, and we are closely engaged in order to fix it, adapting it to the requirements of market 2018”.

It is clear that the SWIFT project still uses the blockchain technology. As software environment, SWIFT was chosen network Hyperledger Fabric.