Xsolla, which provides developers of video games complex and flexible tools and services to launch, monetize and distribute their products in the global market, today takes an in-game currency MobileGO (MGO) to pay for mobile and desktop games from its partners.

MGO thanks to the developers for the first time in history will be able to get payments in bitcoin and that to the extent that is convenient to them. Digital entrepreneurs continue to move their savings and pension contributions on the blockchain, and Xsolla allows them to pay cash in any currency.

“Xsolla’s mission is to always be on the cutting edge of innovative technologies, regularly adding new tools and services by which video game developers can develop and monetize their products all over the world, — says Alexander Agapitov, founder and CEO of the company. — MGO will help to transform our society. Game developers will now receive payments much faster. Very soon holders of MGO can take part in the games peer-to-peer and decentralized tournaments, which previously was difficult even to imagine. In fact MGO is bitcoin the modern gaming industry and the most reliable cryptocurrency, which today will get access to half a million gamers.”

In addition, with the addition of MGO to more than 700 payment options platform Xsolla gamers will get more freedom of choice when paying for the games and holding a small in-game payments. Impressive offer Xsolla already has more than 500 games, and this list is updated every day — and with it grows and the audience. Tools and services are available in more than 200 countries, translated into more than 20 languages and supports 130 currencies.

Token MGO not only managed to become a popular gambling token, but was able to consolidate its position known on such exchanges as DigiFinex, BitForex, HitBtc and GateCoin.

About the token MGO

MGO — token, based on the standard Ethereum ERC223, and Herald a new era in the gaming industry. His goal is to become an international currency and safe means of payment for 2.6 billion gamers in the world, and to help large and small developers to expand their business. More information can be found on the website https://www.mobilego.io or watching a video.

About company Xsolla

Xsolla provides video game complex and flexible tools and services to launch, monetize and distribute their games in the global market. Their specialization Xsolla chose the gaming market, and its products (including a payment platform with world-class antimodernism protection, affiliate network, website Builder, store etc.) are in high demand by a diverse range of clients, from indie developers to large corporations. Head office Xsolla is located in Los Angeles, with offices around the world. Xsolla sells games such key representatives of the gaming market, Valve, Twitch, Ubisoft, Epic Game and PUBG Corporation. Detailed information about the company can be found on the website www.xsolla.com.