A resident of Japan Ken Takahashi (Ken Takahashi) published a petition to make the official XRP cryptocurrency XXXII Summer Olympic games in Japan. Campaign Takahashi started 10 months ago; at the time of preparation of the material was collected 6833 from 7500 signatures.

Takahashi published the petition in view of the fact that the city banks and exchange bureaus may not cope with flow of tourists and, as a consequence, high demand for the local currency (Japanese yen). In his opinion, XRP could solve this problem:

“When you rush to the flow of tourists, the demand for local currency will rapidly increase and the exchange lined up a huge queue, as it was in Beijing in 2008 or in Rio de Janeiro in 2016. Obscure rates and the language barrier will only aggravate the problem”.

The petitioner chose XRP because of the “accelerated time transaction processing, and [the level of] protection”.

Official response Ripple is not followed, however, the company has the technical capabilities to service the guests of the Olympic games. Recently, the company officially launched xRapid — payment solution, Ripple, based on obligatory conversion of money in XRP. Considering the flow of tourists in Tokyo, the official cryptocurrency contributes to the growth of the turnover of the asset.