When in June of this year, John McAfee announced that he intends to adopt in 2020, the participation in the presidential elections, many have decided that the eccentric millionaire was joking. The first such attempt was a failure: he was forced to give up the right candidate from the libertarian party, former Governor of new Mexico Gary Johnson. However, recently McAfee has hired a Manager for its future election campaign. Thus, all serious.

Responsible for the campaign will Rob Loggia, chief operating officer TeamMcAfee. Rob McAfee has provided similar assistance in 2016. John describes him as “a friend, a seeker of truth and a tireless warrior.”

McAfee has announced that it will once again try to move forward from the libertarian party, although in June admitted the possibility of creating his own political party.

As a presidential candidate he intends to “contribute to the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, the blockchain and economic freedom which they bear”. At the same time in his Twitter McAfee has noticed that understands, how small his chances to become President:

Let’s be realistic. No sane person believes that I should be President. This is not my goal. I want 18 months to access the national scene, where he intends to promote the blockchain, bitcoin and economic freedom that they carry. Only these phenomena can save us.

McAfee is a supporter of freedom in all spheres of life, including religion and Economics. No wonder he chose to go on elections of the libertarian party, whose slogan is “Minimum state, maximum freedom”. Now he actively shares with readers the thoughts in that spirit:

Freedom consists in self-knowledge. We experience reality through the thoughts, emotions (including our senses) and actions. Nothing more. What defines us is our thoughts, emotions, and behavior interact with people, realities and ideas. Simplicity is the key. What could be simpler than economic freedom? The blockchain will bring us freedom.

It is unclear whether he is to be nominated by the libertarian party. Clever learn from the mistakes, and John could not learn a lesson from the defeat in 2016. If he’s lucky, will win the whole world of cryptocurrencies.

According to the materials of Crypto News