Decentralized Ethereum exchange OmiseGo became a partner of the developer of the Protocol Mass Vehicle Ledger (MVL) for research technology of the distributed registry and the study of its actual use in existing products.

Protocol MVL built the popular Singapore app for finding and ordering of vehicles TADA. Together with the team OmiseGo developers will create the concept of unification of network OMG Network and accounting system data for MVL. During the stage of proof of concept (Proof-of-Concept) system will collect data from the application of the TADA and write them on the platform OmiseGo. After that, the two companies plan to continue cooperation in the framework of the work on blockchain-TADA, which continue to expand.

So about a week ago, MVL obtained a license to transport passengers and has launched a new service to call a taxi TADA Taxi. According to the publication Business Insider, the service has joined more than two thousand taxi drivers from various local companies.

TADA is not the only service vehicles that intend to use the blockchain technology. In may, the owner Chen Vasini (Chen Weixing) was first told about the intention to create an analogue of Uber on the blockchain, and in June became a contender for the grant “Social Impact Fund” from exchange Binance for the project.

The very same Uber involved in the blockchain industry indirectly, through the co-founders Garrett camp (Garrett Camp), which in March announced the development of its cryptocurrency Eco, and Oscar Salazar (Oscar Salazar), working on a new cryptocurrency exchange Voyager with zero commissions.

Another interesting project was presented in March, the company-manufacturer of cars of the same brand Mercedes Benz and Smart cars startup. It is a cryptocurrency MobiCoin designed to reward drivers for their “green habits”. Under such habits imply, for example, safe driving at a low speed.