Hardwork Bitcoin network Cash (BCH) took place the code was activated, as planned, yesterday, November 15. The last “common block” has been #556 766 extracted SVPool, the following was added Bitcoin.com supporting the concept of Bitcoin ABC — competing side block not accepted, subsequently starting to add your.

Thus, none of the parties to the conflict are unable to find the arguments for compromise, and now we have two competing implementation of the Protocol. At this stage it remains unclear whether one of the circuits is dominant, or two separate networks will continue to coexist in a long term basis.

As you know, the implementation represented a leading group of developers, Bitcoin ABC, contains a series of technical upgrades of the network, such as a change in the structure of the transaction to increase the capacity of blocks and additional code to implement more effective interchangeability of cryptocurrency.

The supporters of the other version, called the Bitcoin “Satoshi’s Vision” or SV Bitcoin has rejected these changes, proposing to restore the old code from the original bitcoin Protocol and increasing the block size from 32 MB to 128 MB.

In anticipation of the events in the camp, an ardent supporter of the Bitcoin SV Dr Craig Wright (Craig Wright) moved on to threats, promising to use the hash power for mining Bitcoin in the circuit SV and create empty blocks in the opposition circuit Bitcoin ABC that could seriously harm the operations in the chain.

The data portal Coin Dance received three days prior to activation of the hard forks, however, rejected by the supporters of the Bitcoin ABC as implausible, allowed to conclude that the BCH-mining pools that support Bitcoin SV, in fact consolidated the overwhelming share of the total hash power of the network, suggesting a significant potential in order to move from words to deeds.

However, the community led by Roger Ver (Roger Ver), had something to say: according to information posted yesterday in his Twitter, “pool Bitcoin.com now has more Hasrat than at the beginning of the day had the entire network BCH”.

Thus while we can only guess how many members of the community will eventually change sides, and what additional resources will be thrown to strengthen both chains.

We will remind, according to known cryptosuite lead heading Fast Money CNBC Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly), yesterday’s decline in the market occurred due to the fork BCH, but this phenomenon is transient and appears to be rather “opportunity”.