Purchase of equipment for miniha — fun is not cheap. And if we consider that the power necessary for cryptocurrency mining in most countries is very expensive, then it becomes clear why the “pirate mining” is gaining momentum and is constantly being improved.

So one of the latest discovered malware targets the owners of technology from Apple. For the first time, it reported the user under the name RonEdwards published on the Apple forum post, which complained that a app called “mshelper” consumes a prohibitive amount of CPU and leads to overheating of the cooler.

Like many other malware, “mshelper” produces Monero — popular scams cryptocurrency, which is prized for its anonymity.

For a new virus come from specialists in the field of cyber security from Malwarebytes Labs. They were able to identify the dropper, which is a hidden setting on the victim’s computer other malware, in the case of “mshelper” is for pirate mining.

Representatives of Kaspersky Labs explained that most of the dropper to “catch” when downloading illegal content.

It is reported that “mshelper” is a modernized version of a legitimate miner XMRig, which is available for installation on Mac. According to experts from Kaspersky Labs, the number of malicious programs for kriptomayning focused on OS X, is growing. Among them — Pwnet, CpuMeaner, and CreativeUpdate.

We will remind, earlier this month was held another large-scale attack associated with a hidden mining — for 3 days the virus has infected more than 500,000 computers running Windows.

It is important to note that the pirate mining threatens not only PC, but smartphones. Thus, according to Malwarebyte, millions of Android devices infected with malware.