Bitfinex, the largest exchange by trading volume in pairs: BTC/USD, probably established banking partnership in Puerto Rico, according to Bloomberg.

The publication cites three unnamed sources familiar with the situation. According to them, the Hong Kong stock exchange opened accounts Noble Bank International, which acts as a correspondent Bank Bank of New York Mellon.

On the probable connection Bitfinex with the Bank in Puerto Rico in March, the report said BitMex. Thus it was that Noble Bank International also acts as a banking partner Tether company, who supply secured United States dollar token USDT.

The report BitMEX it was noted that the aggregate financial data show that in the past year, financial institutions based in Puerto Rico has faced a sharp increase in monetary deposits, which correlated with an increase in the release of Tether, and with the growth of the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

According to Bloomberg, an anonymous source with “direct data” on this issue, said that Noble Bank International “fully responsible” for this increase. It is alleged that the cash deposits of the Bank grew to $3.3 billion in December 2017, although the year before was $191 million.

Complicated story around Bitfinex and her long-term banking partner has been carefully documented, and, as they say, the firm “walks” around the agencies, using a number of third-party accounts, following the decision of Wells Fargo on the closing of the exchange operator.

We will remind, earlier this month Tether made an additional issue of USDT in the amount of $250 million.