German airline Lufthansa together with the company-software developer SAP has announced the launch of blockchain-competitions designed to accelerate the introduction of new technology in the airline industry.

The participants of the project, called the Blockchain Aviation Challenge, will seek innovative ideas for use of the blockchain in the sector of air transport, which later can be translated into reality through the financial support of Lufthansa and SAP. As stated by both companies, the creation of this project motivated by the limited presence of blockchain technology in the airline industry, although its use has great prospects.

“At that time, as many industries have already found the first use of the blockchain, in the aviation sector still nothing happens. We want to change it with SAP and see significant potential applications of the blockchain and other decentralized networking in our industry”, — said the representative of Lufthansa.

The participants will suggest ideas in three main categories: booking and purchase of flights, and loyalty programs; processing internal data; modernization of the supply chain, involving external suppliers. The authors of the projects-finalists in the future will be able to start working on real products and run MVP on the basis of the BaaS platform SAP.

Applications for participation in the blockchain-the competition will be accepted until the end of August. The best of them will pass the final selection in October of this year in Germany.

Recall that Lufthansa is working on creating its own travel platform Ethereum. The main objective of the platform is storing the information about reservation, reservation of tickets and itineraries for customers.

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