London school of Economics (LSE) is launching an online course on cryptocurrencies. This became known on Monday, July 9. The first classes will begin in August.

The course will be called “Cryptocurrency Investment and Disruption”. After passing it, students will learn how to trade on the cryptocurrency exchanges, to use cryptocurrency wallets and also appreciate the ICO campaign. The course will provide theoretical knowledge that will allow us to analyze how digital currency and the blockchain will change the nature of money, markets and the industry in the future.

London school of Economics is a division of the University of London and was founded in 1895, declaring the goal of “improving the society”. Throughout its history LSE has produced 18 Nobel prize winners and 36 world leaders. The motto sounds like “you know the reason of things”, so a new course and aims to give students an understanding of the principles of cryptocurrencies.

According to the creators of the course, the program will help private organizations, investors, companies, banking and financial services, management bodies, including regulating a new area, to understand what the potential for change in the system have with cryptocurrencies. As mentioned in the description, the rapid growth of industry and the high volatility of digital currencies and a distributed registry that underpin them, has led to increased interest of society in scriptactive, ICO and spread the digital wealth.

Guide online course will take Dr. Carsten sørensen (Dr Carsten Sørensen), associate Professor of information systems and innovation. The program consists of six modules and is 60 hours of study time. The course fee, the full cost is €1800, or about $2116.

Also on Tuesday, July 10, the University of Malta announced that it would begin to issue academic degrees in the field of blockchain. Soon the University will create the blockchain-the laboratory where October will begin to train future professionals, mainly civil servants. In February, RMIT University in Australia has launched the country’s first educational course on blockchain technology. Its duration is 8 weeks, and the program is structured to give students theoretical knowledge about the technology and learn to apply them in practice.

In Russia, meanwhile, blockchain implement a system of management of educational institutions. So in June, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation said that he was going to keep the diplomas of students using the technology of the distributed registry.

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