A leading manufacturer of hardware of cryptocurrency wallets Ledger sold for 2017, more than one million devices with a profit of $29 million

The President of the French company Gautier Pascal (Pascal Gauthie) believes that the high demand for cryptohalite Ledger and other manufacturers contributed to the lack of safe platforms on which transactions on the blockchain could be signed without risk.

“The blockchain itself is safe, but the downside is signing on it. If you lose your private key, you don’t have a Bank that will take care of your assets or in any way restore them,” said Gaultier in an interview with Forbes.

According to him, currently the company already created the product “Nano’s” for institutional investors — Ledger Vault. It allows the staff of a hedge Fund or family firms to have access to one crypto with various restrictions or conditions. For example, may require two physical keys for a transaction, or some of them will be performed with a time delay.

Ledger, the President also spoke about more ambitious goals of the company — the decision on full custody to ensure that where major financial institutions will be able to store your cryptocurrency assets. The project Komainu firm implements together with Japanese financial giant Nomura and company Global Advisors.

In January Ledger had raised $75 million investment to Finance part of the B series, its main participants were the venture funds. Now the French company aims to conduct a “second phase” of the series of financing, which, according to Gauthier, will involve “large industrial partners.” He refused to call them, but, according to Forbes, talking about Siemens, Samsung and Googl.

Recall that recently the company released the first version of the desktop application Ledger Live is positioned as a unique solution for all cryptocurrencies.