The IOTA Foundation has released a beta version of a Mobile wallet Trinity. App now available in App Store and Google Play, soon the developers promise to release the desktop version.

The project website shows the main features of the alpha version. They include:

  • ease of use;
  • informative interface with constantly updated data;
  • simplified transaction by scanning the QR code with optional replay protection address;
  • customization of the interface.

The announcement, published in the blog of the IOTA on a Medium, said program is “safe to use and minimizes the risk of user errors as possible”. The statement supports a list of additional checks that have passed the Trinity:

“Subsequently, there have been two third-party audit of the Trinity, the test of resistance to threats and audit the security systems… All vulnerabilities or bugs discovered during the audits were addressed and either minimized or eliminated as necessary”.

The developers also noted the contribution of the community in the development of the project, which was originally started by the users. So, IOTA thanked particularly active of volunteer programmers, alpha testers (over 400 people) and localizers, whose work has provided support for 35 languages in the app.

In General, the IOTA team expressed pride in the work done:

“Wallet created by the community wholeheartedly supported them finally taken under the wing of IOTA Foundation. We hope you are as excited about this release as we are!.. We are sure you will be convinced that the wait was worth it.”

Apparently, the development of the Trinity was not even disturbed by the active criticism of IOTA, especially the comments about security and the degree of decentralization of its network. No impact they have on the success of the company in respect of strategic partnerships; so, last week, about the beginning of cooperation with IOTA Foundation announced the United Nations Office for project services (UNOPS).