Blockchain startup EOS yesterday announced the completion of its ICO; deadline is scheduled for this Friday. The company managed to raise $4 billion, making it the largest crowdfunding campaign open ICO in history. As a consequence, the EOS rate to USD increased by 8.2% and reached $12,34 (figures at time of publication).

Primary offer EOS lasted for a year; during this time it sold more than 900 million tokens. In addition, the startup is preparing to transition to a private mainnet and, as a consequence, its native tokens instead of units of the standard ERC-20.

The latter will require users to provisional exchange tokens. According EOSAuthority, the supplier blocks at the time of preparation of the material for the exchange were registered, only 50% of the tokens. However, it really is only for some sites. So, cryptocurrency exchange Huobi deposits will register the EOS of its customers automatically without requiring additional steps. Today, Huobi also announced airdrop 10 000 native token HT for all who will make any number of EOS on your wallet to 31.05.2018, 13:00 Moscow time. HT pool will be distributed in proportion to the deposits of EOS made by participants before the deadline:

Start your own blockchain eosio scheduled for this Saturday. Despite the release yesterday of news about an extremely dangerous vulnerabilities in code, network, project founder Dan Larimer (Dan Larimer) reported that there will be no delays. However, the startup has announced a reward of $10,000 for reporting suspicious smart contracts within the network.

As we wrote earlier, vulnerability, discovered by Chinese company specializing in Internet security, Qihoo 360, jeopardize the system of smart contracts and units and superuser network EOS.