Blockchain startup Spacebit will use the platform eosio and protocols IOTA to create a communications network between Earth and outer space. About Spacebit has announced in its official blog on Medium.

The company created its own network Orbit platform EOS LinkX, “effectively increasing the amount of data transferred from the Earth and back, through the service that enable ground stations to analyze, to structure and to tokenservice load time and downtime with a dedicated programme planning”. According to the founder of Spacebit Pavlo Tanasyuk, blockchain EOS was selected as a base register because of the “adaptability, and scalability”.

In addition, Orbit: LinkX will use the IOTA architecture to create “IoT is a network of multiple spacecraft”. The components of artificial intelligence and high-capacity computing operations ensure optimization Protocol IOTA Tangle, Qubic.

At the moment infrastructural complex Spacebit consists only of LinkX and the beta version of the platform planning. The way the full version is to be held within a few months.

In case of successful implementation of Orbit: LinkX will be the first project IOTA and EOSIO have integrated into one system.

The announcement of the Protocol Qubic took place more than a year ago, but then developers do not have to disclose the details. Full web site project was launched on 3 June this year.