Non-profit organization Ethereum Foundation awarded grants in the amount of $2.86 million blockchain startups and developers.

Ethereum Foundation officially announced the winners of the fourth wave of grants to Fund on Monday. The entire organization has awarded 20 participants: how individual developers and project teams. Grant recipients will be able to develop complex customer service, ease of product use, scalability, and security system.

For the first time on the Ethereum Foundation grants program announced in January, but then the purpose of the initiative was to help in solving the problem of network scalability. Over time, the program has changed, and the Fund has been supporting projects working towards solving the problems of scalability, functionality and security. Special attention the Foundation pays to the development of decentralized applications (dapps) and smart contracts.

The largest grant was awarded to the company Prysmatic Labs and Status for $500 thousand each. Both companies are going to spend money to develop customers for Ethereum second generation. Another $420 thousand together received company Spankchain, Kyokan and Connext, which will create a SDK (Toolkit) open source for necesitatile nodes in the network of payment systems.

“We couldn’t exist without all the time and energy that you [developers] invested in Ethereum. The program will expand further and we want help with it can attract more community members to the decision-making process,” said team Ethereum Foundation.

As chief operating officer of the company Status, the management decentralized app on Ethereum, Naghdi, Nabil (Nabil Naghdy), the team is proud to be an Ethereum Foundation chose grant for their research initiative. The funding will Status to participate in the development of the ecosystem as a whole and benefit all other participants.

“The grant helps us to interact with other teams and ensures cooperation with outstanding minds that are working on similar issues. Problems faced by Ethereum, should be resolved not at the level of individual teams and at the level of the community as a whole”, — said Naghdi.

Recall that the payment of grants under the program Ethereum Foundation began in March. During the first wave, the Foundation has given more than $2.5 million on 13 projects.