IBM signed a contract with the Australian government to work on the automation and integration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) in the Australian Federal departments, including the Ministry of defence and the interior.

As reported yesterday Bloomberg, a cooperation agreement was signed for five years and will cost Australia $740 million According to the head of IBM in the Asia-Pacific region, Harriet green (Harriet Green), this partnership will provide the citizens of the Commonwealth access to “the world’s most important technology through a variety of government agencies”.

According to green, this step will allow Australia to enter the top three of the world’s leading digital governments. In addition, she stressed the importance of security assurances to the citizens, which is ideal blockchain.

It should be noted that currently, Australia is actively working on the implementation of the concept of “paperless future”, and from the budget of the government Agency digital transformation (DTA) was allocated $530 000 for blockchain studies. According to some information, this was due to the request of the Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (Malcolm Turnbull).

As for IBM, the presence of a technological giant in Cryptoprotected continues to grow. At the end of may it became known about the release of the microcomputer from IBM blockchain applications. And this week the first real cross-border financial transactions were conducted through the service on the blockchain-platform IBM.

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