Payment giant Western Union received a patent, which provides safe control system for transactions with the cryptocurrency, says CCN.

Offer Western Union system guarantees the confirmation of the transaction by using biometric verification in the form of a fingerprint scan, retinal or voice.

The technology was developed for electronic networks. But the document notes that in some cases, the translation system may be appropriate for cryptocurrency systems like bitcoin, Litecoin or Peercoin.

According to the patent application, the electronic transfer can be configured to work with different types of currencies, including cryptocurrencies, and other services (e.g. credit, gift cards or certificates, a system of user points, etc.) between client devices or external systems in different areas, regions or jurisdictions.

It is noteworthy that the application lacks any mention of the crypto currency Ripple (XRP), which is called the created especially for the industry of money transfers such as Western Union.

This does not mean that Western Union is not eyeing the XRP. We will remind, earlier the company confirmed the partnership with blockchain startup Ripple in San Francisco for the trial integration of XRP in your transaction. However, later the CEO of Western Union, Hikmet Ersek said he “was not impressed with the test results”.

In addition, the company is working to integrate technology distributed registry in the sphere of money transfers in partnership with Coinbase.