Cryptocurrency millionaire AARNI Otavi, Saaremaa (Aarni Otava Saarimaa) said the theft of bitcoins 5500. CoinDesk writes, Saaremaa invested in the company, which turned Scam investment.

By mixing the Bangkok Post in June 2017, the group of people insistently urged Finnish businessmen to invest in some Thai papers, a casino in Macau and the Dragon token Coin, designed specifically for gambling in the area and supposedly related to one of the main criminal triads of Hong Kong.

Fraudsters have organized a trip to Macau for the businessman to demonstrate the “profitability” of the project, associated with the Dragon Coin and a casino. Saarimaa, took what they saw for real investment tool and transferred the suspect, whose name is not called, 5564 BTC.

Months later, convinced that the investment was not profitable, Saarimaa sent a report to the Department for the fight against crime Thailand (CSD). His business partner, operating in the territory of the country, also believes that the investor has become a victim of fraud.

CSD found out that persons who, Saaremaa transferred bitcoins for the mediation of attachment, brought the funds into Thai baht and placed the amount in parts in several Bank accounts. It is not known when and in what order were sold bitcoins, but the investigators found that the attackers had received about 800 million baht (~us$24 million).

One of the main suspects turned out to be Thai actor Giratina, Djeravica (Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit). He was arrested last Wednesday.

CSD also suspects the brother of the artist, Print of Gravidity (Prinya Jaravijit) and its organization scheme. According to CSD, he served in the United States from South Korea; the United States authorities have already sent the appropriate requests for assistance to the investigation.

This is the first time in the press mentioned the link Dragon Coin with public entities. Earlier, the journalists of The New York Times found that in finding investors in the West, gambling companies helped Cambridge Analytica — analytical and strategic firm engaged in the manipulation of public opinion in favor of the candidacy of Donald trump during US presidential election in 2016.

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