According to the forecast of the company Crypto Research Fund, this year will be running 165 cryptocurrency funds, and the volume of their digital assets to double.

Indicator 2018 is expected to surpass the record of the past, for which there 156 cryptocurrency funds. Their total number in the world has reached 466. But as noted in the study for comparison, the company only for the year 2017 the world was running 700 global hedge funds.

It is this form of investment funds is the most popular cryptocurrency on the market: hedge funds account for 55% of the total, 42% are venture capital funds. The remaining share is represented by a small number of ETFs and funds of direct investments.

Despite the significant increase in the number of cryptocurrency hedge funds, their total digital assets takes an average of no more than 1.1%. Overall, only 28 of the cryptocurrency funds the volume of digital assets is estimated above $100 million, and 208-mi does not exceed $10 million.

Among countries in the number of cryptomundo by a considerable margin in the lead of the United States — 252 Fund, followed by such jurisdictions as China/Hong Kong (Fund 34), United Kingdom (29) Singapore (21). Among American States, the largest number of funds launched cryptocurrency in California, 121. It is logical that among global cities leading the San Francisco- 9 CryptoRandom appeared in the city this year, and the total number reached 55. In new York, already has 44 CryptoPhone, London — 25.

Recall that in the coming months, the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) must take a decision on the approval of several applications for the launch of cryptocurrency ETF. Recently the regulator rejected the second request of the brothers the Winklevoss to launch a bitcoin ETF and deferred consideration of the request from VanEck-SolidX. However, in the SEC there are still a few applications for cryptocurrency ETF, the timing of which consideration by the Commission expire.

Thus, according to some, for example, the largest investment company of Canada Canaccord Genuity and founder of the cryptocurrency hedge Fund Capital Management BK Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly), most likely the SEC will take a decision on bitcoin ETF until next year.