Cryptocurrency stock exchange of Hong Kong OKEx added support for four crypto-currencies, provided the dollar or stabilio.

OKEx held a listing of the tokens TrueUSD (TUSD) from the company TrustToken, USDCoin (USDC) from a Circle, Gemini Dollar (GUSD) from the exchange brothers Winklevoss and Standard Token (PAX) from start-up to Paxos. By the end of the day, namely after 09:00 coordinated universal time (UTC), all tokens will be available for operations. Before all of these tokens cryptologist saw stablein TrueUSD in March of this year. The remaining three took place relatively recently, in September.

It should be noted that OKEx — fifth in the rating of the stock exchange on the trading volume of bitcoin and the third in trading volume with USDT, stabilium from the company Tether.

The mood of the crypto community in relation to stabilium recently mixed. Despite the fact that such cryptocurrency easy to use — transfer of funds there is no need to convert them back into US dollars, the level of trust in them is low. To build such relationships, a considerable contribution was made by the company Tether: she was suspected of manipulating the exchange rate bitcoins using stablein, and criticized for failing to openly provide financial information. Despite the fact that in June was published the audit report of the legal company Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan, doubts are not dispelled, and so far it is not known whether the Tether is sufficient dollar reserves to ensure all tokens are in the ratio 1:1.

Other stabilio have a chance to increase the level of trust, if the company that issued them will conduct business openly and transparently. Such prospects have with Gemini, which has a reputation as one of the most regulated crypto-currency exchanges in U.S. dollars, which are provided with GUSD, held in accounts at the Gemini Trust Company, and the Department of financial services of the state of new York officially allowed to release stablein.