Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA) announced the finalization of standards for blockchains. Thus, the Association has fulfilled the promise at a conference in London less than a month ago.

A set of standards, called Enterprise Ethereum Client Specification 1.0, came a few weeks after the statement of the member of the Board of founders of the group, Jeremy Millar (Jeremy Millar) about the importance of common standards as the connecting factor for all internal projects of the enterprises on the basis of Ethereum.

This is an important point for the EEA, established early last year with the participation of BP, Wall JPMorgan Chase and Microsoft, as well as working with ConsenSys bloccano Ethereum, Nuco, BlockApps and many others.

According to representatives of the organization, these standards — the result of months of joint work of the various members of the EEA, which, among other things, will make FOR a more affordable.

Ron Resnick (Ron Resnick), Executive Director of EEA, said:

“Enterprise Ethereum Specification — the fruit of 18 months of work leading members of the organization, representing the spheres of industry, technology and planning, United in the technical Committee. This cross-platform application framework, open source will ensure mass adoption on the scale, unattainable in corporate individualism and fragmentation”.

According to the guide-map, EEA, the following steps for implementation of standards include testing testnet and, if successful, subsequent certification of enterprises using the Ethereum blockchain.

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