Charles Hoskinson (Charles Hoskinson), co-founder alithina Cardano (ADA), decided to remind cryptologist and critics of cryptocurrencies that access to the market investors on wall Street would entail a significant inflow of new funds. According to Hoskinson, we are talking about “tens of trillions of dollars.”

“What’s often overlooked in a broken record the media about the imminent death of the cryptocurrency is that after the next wave of regulations for the party to join wall Street with all their locked-up capital. This is tens of trillions of dollars that ultimately will come into the space. The future is bright,” he wrote, Hoskinson on Twitter.

It should be noted, a staunch cryptomnesia, Hoskinson in the industry for a long time: he was one of the founders of Ethereum, Invictus Innovations cryptostroma and technology companies IONK. He also was in the first ranking investors who have grown rich on cryptocurrency, compiled by Forbes in February.

When in one of the comments to the post was a question that still builds cryptologist, Hoskinson said, “brand new world”.

Cardano, occupying at the moment the eighth position in the world ranking of cryptocurrency, has a market capitalization of about $3.3 billion Startup has partnered with the Ministry of science and technology of Ethiopia that involves the use of technology companies in the agricultural sector of the country and the education of future developers.

Meanwhile, the potential intersection of interests of the crypto community and wall Street has become one of the most discussed topics in recent years: industry participants have high hopes for an influx of capital from institutional investors.

So, in mid-may, the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has introduced a new set of products to this category: as reported, the exchange is developing solutions that meet regulatory requirements and the necessary level of safety. Discussing the release of the product, Vice-President, Coinbase mentioned a “$10 billions” of wall Street that can be invested in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

Even more impressive “trillions of dollars” is not only Hoskinson: Dan Marched (Dan Morehead), CEO of the $1-billion cryptocurrency hedge Fund Pantera Capital, in April said that the market value of virtual currency may one day reach the target of $40 trillion, partly due to the growing interest of wall Street in relation to the clearing of cryptocurrency transactions.

Note, despite the fact that this is not yet reflected in the price of cryptocurrency, it is impossible not to notice that digital money has not ignored traditional institutions. So, one of the branches of the Federal reserve system of the United States recently began tracking four courses of digital currency, representatives of investment giant Goldman Sachs acknowledged that will expand activities in the direction associated with cryptocurrencies, and in the Supreme court of the United States the bitcoin called “money”.

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