Tokenization as the process known to many in the cryptocurrency world: is the transformation of tokens of all processes and assets. For example, Ford has patented the tokens CMMP (Managed Cooperatively Merge and Pass), which could be paid to drivers if they cherish his “iron horse” and try to avoid getting in an accident and their actions do not contribute to the creation of congestion.

One of my personal suggestions, given the difficulties with Parking in the Moscow region, is to create a token that rewarded drivers who use Park and ride facilities, and who manage their means of transportation as it would be beneficial from the point of view of society as a whole.

Meanwhile, the dissatisfaction of many influential players in the cryptocurrency market has triggered a process of tokenization of sale amount of cryptocoins is decided to implement a crypto currency exchange FCoin. The essence is that for every trade, when trading platform collects fees in Bitcoin and Ethereum, it is fully return the paid amount in the form transferred to the client token FT — branded cryptocurrency . Yes, FCoin did not carry out any token-ICO for their FT, nor their airdrop, well, who said it is mandatory that the token was a token? In addition, the crypto currency exchange resorts to further promote it: those who receive for transactions of FT, can then receive the BTC from the trading platform.

This business model was launched a crypto currency exchange FCoin in may, but only now began to appear more or less coherent chorus of discontent among which may be noted the head of the exchange Binance Canina Zhao (aka CZ). However, the reason for the criticism is obvious: if you look at the average daily turnover of FCoin, it turns out that it is $5.6 billion — more than all the top 10 kryptomere, which is tracked by CoinMarketCap. In this case, Binance is not a leader, and it is understandable emotions in the leadership of this cryptocurrency trading platform. Tokenization was able to shuffle the market, but this is not surprising. As it would not be surprising that the tokenization is a fashionable lifesaver for many businesses — also covered with moss, like many “chips” and technology to her. And it will happen much faster than we think.

Vladislav Ginko, economist, expert at the Russian public service Academy at the President of the Russian Federation, especially for Coinspot