Bithumb yesterday announced its decision to gradually reduce the limit on withdrawals for anonymous clients. This measure will take effect from 4 June and associated with the tightening policies of the exchange, aimed at combating financial crimes.

The new restriction followed the decision of the South Korean giant to stop service users from 11 countries.

Recall that in late January, the financial services Commission of South Korea announced that beginning in February, the traders should use their real names and associated Bank accounts.

However, the government decision had little effect on the current situation. In the country, you can still implement anonymous scriptacolous. According Bithumb, the beginning may account in verified individuals moved only 30% of users.

The new measure should encourage traders to verify their identity, as next month the daily limit for withdrawal for anonymous users will be cut from 50 million won (~$465 46) to 45 million won [~$41 795]. The exchange said that in the future this amount will gradually decrease:

“We decided to reduce the requested amount in Korean won because unverified accounts can become a target for various financial crimes.”

In addition, Bithumb announced that will tighten the verification process invoices to their foreign users. The South Korean stock exchange is proud to have been able to create a “top-notch security of financial and personal information”. According to representatives of Bithumb, it is the first site of kriptoloji that follows all rules established for electronic banking called 5-5-7 Regulation.

According to this document, financial institutions are encouraged to 5% of its employees were IT specialists, 5% of which will be occupied by information security, and 7% of the total budget should be spent on improving data privacy.

At the moment it staff Bithumb is 21% of the total employees, of which 10% are responsible for information security. To increase the level of protection of the data exchange uses about 8% of their annual budget.