Only 8% of the 80 thousand established all over the world the blockchain projects are still active, the duration of life of others does not exceed 1.22. This is stated in the study of the Chinese Academy of information and communication technologies (CAICT) on industry trends.

Director of the research Institute of cloud computing and big data CAICT Hee, Baohong pointed to two existing long-term and favourable for blockchain projects trends: acceleration in the growth rate of scriptactive and improving the integration of data and assets.

“These projects appear very quickly, but also quickly and disappear. Governments around the world are making efforts to create common standards and to help the blockchain projects to achieve real results”, — said Baohong.

He also added that China has set up a verified blockchain program has already drawn about 200 private enterprises.

“Thanks to this technology, the blockchain will become more open and transparent,” — said Hee, Baohong.

We will remind, earlier the government of China has published a ranking of 28 crypto-currencies, which appreciated by criteria such as “technology”, “application” and “innovation”. First place went to Ethereum and bitcoin got only the 13-position. It is noted that in the future, in addition to cryptocurrencies, the rating will include other blockchain projects.