Baidu continues a series of developments in the field of application of the blockchain, and this time has created a Super Chain Protocol can reduce the energy consumption required for mining cryptocurrency.

We will remind that in January of this year, Baidu introduced its own platform ready blockchain solutions (BaaS), positioned as “the easiest to use blockchain”.

Two months later, he announced the blockchain-service Totem that allows you to add a time stamp for all the unique photos for the authenticated user, thereby protecting their image rights.

Last weekend during the technical conference held in China, chief scientific officer of blockchain-division of Baidu Xiao Wei (Xiao Wei) presented a new development of the Internet giant.

“This Protocol is compatible with the ecosystem of developers of Bitcoin and Ethereum, not only can insert and remove a consensus mechanisms to solve current problems of high energy consumption, but also provides support for a single chain with 100 000 transactions per second,” said Wei.

We will remind that last week the Chinese President XI Jinping (Xi Jinping) in the course of the conference, the participants of which were representatives of the Chinese scientific elite, said that the blockchain is already transformerait global economic structure.