The American company Walmart has filed a patent and trademark office (USPTO) for two patent applications, the contents of which reveals some details of new projects in the field of blockchain technology.

In particular, in both patent applications mentioned the intention to use the platform based on the blockchain for secure storage of payment data, providing access to private information only to authorized parties.

Despite the fact that none of the applications contains no direct mention of the possible exclusive use of the blockchain, the essence of which is to create a private network, the system, according to the description, will work that way. In the text of both applications stating that consumers should be given the opportunity to see their payment history, while for “third parties” access must be restricted.

The first application describing vendornew payment system, involves the creation of a network in which it will be possible to automatically conduct transactions on behalf of the consumer. The recipient of the payment will be one or more sellers depending on which services are provided and who is the provider.

“In one aspect, presented is vendorno separation payments that will automatically process payment for the total amount due for products and services related to the receipt and delivery of products, automatically splitting the payment between the parties providing services related to the receipt and delivery of products, and encrypts the payment data and how it was divided, through the blockchain,” reads the patent application.

The second application is related to digital systems for shopping purposes and describes the possibility of using the blockchain to encrypt billing information in the same way.

In addition, it is noted that vendora the division of payments also includes the authentication technology “valuable digitised positions”, namely, digital money, intellectual property, personal financial data, digital wallets, and so forth, which can be used “one or more aspects of the classical systems of the blockchain”.

We will remind, earlier it became known that Walmart has applied for patent of “smart” system for tracking the delivery of products based on blockchain technology.