USA impose new sanctions against Venezuela in connection with the release of a government cryptocurrency Petro. The corresponding decree was signed by the President, Donald trump (Donald Trump).

As stated by representatives of the White house, Donald trump signed a decree blocking all transactions in Petro, and also authorized the Minister of Finance Steven Mnuchin (Steven Mnuchin) use any regulatory measures for the execution of the document.

“All transactions, all financial and other transactions of residents of the United States or in the U.S. in any digital currency, digital coins or digital tokens that were issued by the government of Venezuela, for him or on his behalf on January 9 and later banned from the date of entry into force of this decree”, — the document says.

Note, this step by the administration trump is not surprising when Venezuela announced its intention to issue a national currency provided by oil, the US immediately started talking about the attempts of the South American nation to circumvent international sanctions. So, American lawmakers criticized the project, Petro criticized, and senators Robert Menendez (Bob Menendez), Marco Rubio (Marco Rubio) and bill Nelson (Bill Nelson) wrote letters to the Ministry of Finance, requesting information on how the Agency plans to protect American investors and not to allow Venezuela to make money on this project.

It is reported that the Ministry of Finance does not directly responded to these appeals, however, affirmed that the Americans who buy a token that can be sanctioned. According to some, the senators continue to pressure the Finance Ministry is expecting an official response.

It is noteworthy that opponents of issue token a lot in Venezuela — representatives of the Congress has said it will not approve the project, therefore it will not be considered legitimate.

Executive Director of the nonprofit organization Coin Center, engaged in promotion of the cryptocurrency, Jerry Brito (Jerry Brito) commented on the new sanctions, noting that the White house statement did not contain “anything new”.

“While the attempts of Venezuela to release the cryptocurrency is something original, in the restrictive policy of the American authorities in relation to financial transactions with countries affected by the sanctions, is nothing new. The issue of the cryptocurrency will not help Venezuela to avoid sanctions,” said Brito.

We will note, the President of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro recently announced that during the pre-sale managed to raise at least $5 billion, but no information which could confirm this statement until it has been submitted.

Recall that in order to build ecosystem based on its own cryptocurrency, the Venezuelan government announced a possible limitation of the number kripalani exchanges operating in the country.