And Ganges (Gang Yi), who on March 19 was appointed as the new head of the people’s Bank of China (PBOC), can mitigate the Agency’s position in regard to cryptocurrencies, in particular bitcoin (BTC), reports

In accordance with сообщенияvb Chinese media, the gang started talking about bitcoin back in late 2013, saying that in the near future, the main cryptocurrency will not be officially recognized by the PBOC. At the same time, he recognized the potential of bitcoin transactions, adding that thanks to the cryptocurrency, “the common people get some freedom” in its use.

In contrast to the negative position of Deputy head of the PBOC pan Gunsan, which in December 2017, has stated that bitcoin “dies”, the Ganges called bitcoin “impressive” and worthy of long term attention.

The new head was replaced on this post of the former head of PBOC Governor Zhou Xiaochuan on the decision of the National people’s Congress. The position of the previous Chapter was that the development of digital currency “technologically inevitable”, but the banking system will not accept the cryptocurrency as means of payment.

According to Tommy Xie, a Chinese economist at Singapore’s OCBC Bank, the new head of the PBOC is one of the “main drivers of economic reforms in China over the past few years.” Whereas positive attitude towards cryptocurrency, a new assignment in PBOC may signal the possibility of changing approach to digital currencies in China.

At the moment, China has maintained a tough stance against cryptocurrencies, including the ban on cryptocurrency exchanges, both local and foreign, as well as on the initial offering of coins (ICO).