There’s a new cryptocurrency called Purk (PURK). Describe this coin as a cryptocurrency designed to monetize various services, websites, blogs and other things. Users will be able to give tips, list donuts, and all this anonymously.

The developers report that they have created a coin to help content creators to get quick micropayments from users or buyers. Purk is developed based on the CryptoNote technology Boolberry and, and uses an algorithm called Wild Keccak. This algorithm helps to balance the speed of mining on the CPU, GPU and ASIC, and the blocks are confirmed quickly.

For mining new coins available special miner CPU and GPU (OpenCL), which uses the Wild Keccak algorithm. This miner is compatible with graphics cards of AMD and nVidia. Currently available only one pool for the “digging in” Purk. Despite the promising prospects of the coins from both miners and users, the launch of cryptocurrency is not ideal — yesterday there were problems with the pool, so mine token was very uncomfortable.

If you are interested in mining this coin, then note that to get Purk on the CPU is possible, but much less profitable than on the cards. So, on a processor Intel Core i7 6850K will be issued approximately 1 megahee per second. If to speak about cards, then, in connection with the use of OpenCL, AMD noticeably better performance. If rig with six RX VEGA AMD 64 will give about 65 MHS, the same number of Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti will be able to provide only 40 megahira. Note that the miner will optimize and increase its performance, as the load on the graphics core is not as great and there are more from which to squeeze a few mahahaha.