American manufacturer of computer gaming peripherals Corsair Components, Inc. took the initiative to rescue the powerful graphics cards that instead of games being exploited “soulless miners” for mining cryptocurrency.

Recently the company released a corresponding video, where this offer is promoted under the hashtag #GPURESCUE.

In the video it is reported that every year the miners of cryptocurrency to buy more than three million cards. The latter, originally designed for games, but instead “subjected to violence” of the miners.

ASRock offers to sell and thus to save at least some of them. Join this noble initiative and everyone can, sacrificing a little money. In gratitude to the company all caring benefactors will send you the photos are saved to their devices with proof that they are now working as intended.

To donate money, the company proposes to use the popular payment processors including VISA, Mastercard, Venmo and… bitcoin. It is noteworthy that on the eve of 1 April, the makers of the video forgot to specify payment details for “relief”.

We will remind, last month the organizers of the action “permanent Hours” and urged the miners across the world to disable for a while your graphics card.