The first hardwork zcash for going to be the first step towards radical changes. A new project called Overwinter will be released in June. The developer fork hopes thereby to start moving towards more significant change.

Overwinter in the announcement says that the update includes accelerated verification of signatures, “version control, network protection from duplication of operations in the original circuit, promoting transparent transactional processes, the expiration of transactions and much more.” However, the main aim of the project is not in the changes. In comments to Coindesk CEO Zerocoin Electric Coin Company Zuko Wilcox (Zooko Wilcox) reported that “All of this is done in order to get the hand in network upgrades”.

Release version Overwinter is not final: further improvements may be needed, when will be able to determine the exact limit of blocks. In addition, contrary to the standard practice in kriptonyte, as a result, the fork will create a new token. According to Wilcox, “users want version 2.0” zcash for with new features that will be available immediately.

Although Overwinter is positioned developers as a training ground, Zerocoin is already planning the next hardwork. The update, named the Sapling, the emphasis is on increasing transaction speed without loss of anonymity.

In the future zcash for plans to solve the General problem of the industry — the scalability of the blockchain. According to the Wilcox team has been thoroughly analyzes possibilities of Plasma Ethereum, sharding and Lightning Network.

Recall that in early March zcash for also announced the renewal of anonymity protocols Zk-snarks.