Because of the rumors that Coinbase can open trades tokens Ripple XRP, the stock exchange had to officially declare that it “made no decision” about listing a new cryptocurrency.

Speaking of a Ripple on Coinbase began after it became clear that on March 6, President Coinbase Asif, Hirji (Asiff Hirji) appears in the CNBC program “Fast money” together with CEO brad Ripple Harlinghausen (Brad Garlinghouse).

Despite the fact that any hard evidence of the alleged listing was absent, the XRP price began to rise. According to CoinMarketCap, Monday XRP were trading at a $1.05 in 24 hours the price rose 16 percent. However, by Tuesday morning XRP dropped to $0,96.

After the beginning of the excitement caused by the alleged change, Coinbase a few hours kept silent. Then, in the Twitter exchange was reported:

“Our statement of 4 January 2018 and remains valid and we have not made decisions about adding additional assets in GDAX or Coinbase. […] Any representation to the contrary is untrue and is not authorized by the company.”

As for the planned release of CNBC, it’s unclear whether Arlinghaus and Hirji to act together or separately. Presenter Melissa Lee (Melissa Lee) posted on Twitter a screenshot promo of today’s program, which also included Passport Capital founder John Burbank (John Burbank) and CEO of Social Capital, Chamath of Palihapitiya (Chamath Palihapitiya).