GE Transportation, the transport unit of the famous General Electric, joined blockchain consortium “the Blockchain in transport” (BiTA) to explore possible aspects of the use of technology in their activities.

Note, BiTA is the leading Association representatives of the transport and logistics industry, the development of blockchain-based systems for the cargo industry of transportation. The Alliance was founded in the fall of last year and brought together more than 230 companies, including such well-known brands such as UPS, FedEx, Chinese e-Commerce platform, logistics and railway companies, large retailers, providers of financial and analytical services. The total income of the companies included in the Alliance exceeds $1 trillion.

“We hope to share their developments with BiTA as we work together to use the potential of the blockchain in our industry,” said Director of digital technology at GE Transportation Lori Tolson (Laurie Tolson).

Note, the company is a leading global supplier of equipment, services and digital solutions for Railways, mining industry, oil drilling industry and stationary power plants.

Chief specialist at GE information Monica Caldas (Caldas Monica) said that the company’s specialists have developed a formula that will allow GE Transportation to be a “digital leader in the industry”: first, the company plans to use blockchain technology to improve productivity, and will subsequently apply the obtained knowledge “for the benefit of customers.”

“GE Transportation is always at the forefront of technological trends and investments that shape the future of transportation and supply chains”, — said the head of BiTA Craig fuller (Craig Fuller), adding that Alliance members are pleased to welcome GE Transportation as an active participant in BiTA.

It is noteworthy that representatives of General Electric have already made public statements that showed interest in the application of emerging technology. For example, last year the U.S. patent and trademark office has published five patent applications filed by the company in 2016 that describe various aspects of using the blockchain to optimize systems operation and aircraft maintenance. It is noteworthy that GE is also considering the possibility of payment by bitcoin for the parties involved.

We will note, recently the blockchain technology finds application in a greater number of industries. So, the us retail giant Walmart has recently filed a patent on a so-called “smart packaging” to optimize the scope of delivery of the goods with the blockchain.

Additionally, Porsche is currently testing the integration of the blockchain in komputernye systems of their cars, and Boeing is working on creating a blockchain system for the navigation systems of aircraft.