We are often asked about the hardware of cryptocurrency wallets and ask our advice. Before we barely touched on this topic, but now, it seems, the time has come. In fact, there are only 3 manufacturer’s products which sell for quite some time and has proved its reliability and safety to store your coins. The choice between these companies – Ledger, best wallet and KeepKey – is simply based on personal preferences.

In fact, we use the Ledger wallet Nano’s, despite the fact that the company also offers more expensive and powerful model Blue Ledger with a large number of possibilities. So far we have not used Ledger Blue and not even tried this device, so tell nothing I can, especially on the official website of this purse is already sold out. Anyway, one of the main reasons for the choice of Ledger’s Nano steel its compact size — with all its opportunities, he’s a little bigger than a standard USB stick.

Wallet best wallet is also called Bitcoin Safe is the most popular alternative Ledger Nano’s, it comes almost at the same price and is available in black and white. Best wallet also is preparing a new model called the T, but the company still only collects pre-orders for this wallet and the free market he has not yet arrived.

The third manufacturer – KeepKey is the least popular, but that doesn’t mean that the purse of this company in any way inferior to other products. He is a smart and modern looks, and functionally it is very similar to other models, and is about the same.

Note that not doing a comparative review of available “iron” wallets, we just point out the options available to enable you to choose the most suitable option. Again, we use the Ledger Nano’s, but not necessarily that you will like it. All of today’s devices support the major cryptocurrencies, the only difference may be the level of support for new or unpopular wallets.

And now we will give an important tip: the best crypto to buy on the official website or check the list of official Resellers, and to order the device from them. I do not advise to chase the low price and to buy the device on eBay or another non-certified location.

The most important thing when crypto will come to you, make sure it has not been pre-initialized with some printed security key! You should always carry out the initialization of the purse yourself and generate your security key (if you are not sure, before you start, you can reset the device to factory settings). If you come initialized purse and you will become its direct use, then it is likely just to say goodbye to your coins.