It seems that today the cryptocurrency market will be another terrible day, writes The total market capitalization continues to decline, all currencies are facing pressure.

Now it looks like that in the near future, the price of Tron, it seems, will be even lower. At the moment its market capitalization below $ 2 billion, and the downward trend is likely to continue.

Tron is faced with a massive correction

Last month things were different. The price of Tron perfectly illustrates this situation, because for the last 30 days he has lost almost 40% of the cost. Only in the last 24 hours price Tron fell by 17.84%, which lowered its price of $ 0.03. Of course, the speculators are happy about this turn of events.

Despite the fact that now Tron got a test network for the majority of its owners, it seems, it doesn’t matter. Since the release of the market capitalization of the project dropped by nearly $ 900 million that says about the growing negative pressure on the cryptocurrency.

Also interesting to see how bitcoin and Ethereum Tron dragged him down with me, cryptocurrency is losing ground in both markets. The decrease relative to bitcoin made of 12.84%, Ethereum — 12,48%, besides, the price at the moment Tron does not have a stable level of support.

In the last 24 hours Tron saves a turnover of $ 219,65 million, however, shows that users want to exit the trade altcoins in the first place. While bitcoin and/or Ethereum will not get impressive traffic, other markets will experience even more negative pressure. In this sense, the Tron is no exception.

At the moment Binance is the largest for Tron trading platform paired with BTC. Upbit and Huobi take second and third place, Bittrex is only slightly behind the leaders. Due to the lack of new capital inflow for Tron, Ethfinex trading pair TRX/USD was ranked in 14th place.

In near future the price of Tron will continue to decline, as it is unlikely that the cryptocurrency markets will be able to quickly recover from such a powerful attack. In the end, the market will turn, but for now we need to get rid of some overvalued currencies.