Confidential cryptocurrency browser Brave was in the center of the scandal: he was accused of collecting donations for content creators without their consent.

Recall that Brave uses a reward system for content creators because it automatically blocks ads and makes it impossible to earn with it. Reward favorite authors users pay through internal token Brave BAT. For example, in August the company added the option of sending a token to the authors of tweets and posts on Reddit. Itself rewards program started to work since April of this year.

Recently a popular British YouTube blogger Tom Scott (Tom Scott) wrote in his Twitter account that Brave used his name and photo to collect donuts from users without the consent of Scott on it. According to the blogger, he never asked for funds from their fans and had not participated in any crowdfunding company on any platform. Scott also noted that if you ever decide to change their behavior, then this will become known to all.

“My warning is due to the Brave company that took the cryptocurrency donuts for me, using my name and photos without my consent. I asked them not to do this and return the funds to everyone who made donuts. They said, “let’s see what we can do,” and that “funds can not return”,” — said Scott on Twitter.

Moreover, the blogger said that no media until it eventually never came and the company left them to themselves.

“I asked Brave as storage profiles untold number of people and funds in their name without their consent is correlated with GDPR [approx. General regulation on data protection], then the man I talked to stopped responding to me,” added Scott.

Tweets blogger drew attention Monero lead developer of Spanyi Riccardo (Riccardo Spagni), known as fluffypony. He agreed with Scott and wrote that Brave has behaved basely. According to Spanyi, strategy browser — to force users to think that they send donuts to other people.

The representative of the Brave responded to the accusations, writing the following tweet:

“…To return the funds, we can’t due to the fact that all donuts anonymous. Although opinion Tom was very helpful to us. We’re going to make changes”.

A more detailed review of the company not provided.