According to the report “the Dark shadows with a bright future“ in which the independent rating Agency Weiss Ratings reviewed Crypto 120 scriptaction in the context of emerging trends on the stock market, XRP and EOS walked around the bitcoin rating of the combination of technology and practical significance. XRP in this comparison has the rating And it is the most significant competition to the SWIFT system.

In this same category was the EOS – as the leading competitor to Ethereum as “the foundations of the new Internet” and BTC for the potential to become a popular means of savings and create a Lightning Network. Ethereum is in the category of A – and Cardano in the category B+ was awarded for the ability to create and run smart contracts.

Weiss Crypto Ratings

However, in ranking risks and potential return, the Agency awarded the category B – four cryptogram: EOS, XRP, BTC and BNB, leaving the first tier empty.

Weiss Ratings founder Martin Weiss (Martin D. Weiss) I am sure that soon there will come an optimum time for kryptonsite: despite falling prices in 2018, the Agency noted in this segment, the growth in the number of transactions, security, and power networks.

Recall that recently in the leading cryptanalytic service CoinMarketCap introduced support ranking of major assets using the Boston blockchain startup Flipside Crypto. Due to the Fundamental Crypto Asset Score (FCAS) users can now assess the activity of software developers to modify and improve the code, the integrity of the market in situations with different risks, the activity of users cryptoprotocol, as well as the overall condition of the asset.